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Advantages of sailing yachts

Advantages for chartering a sailing yachts:

  • Tacks easily. The combination of weight with a homogeneous, relatively concentrated mass and with a keel to pivot on—this contributes to easy tackinge
  • Large load carrying capacity
  • Relatively lower tech construction methods that are less expensive can be used because weight isn’t as critical
  • Traditional good looks
  • Motion comfort. The concentration of mass, and relatively smooth hull sections promote a comfortable motion at sea. By depending on ballast, not just form stability, you achieve a degree of motion comfort that many people are used to
  • Don't spend many fuel

Disadvantages for chartering a sailing yachts:

  • Slower
  • They heel. It’s true. However, modern sail handling options such as in-mast furling allow you to control the amount of heel by easily adjusting and balancing the sail area all from the cockpit
  • The rig is larger. In order to maintain performance with this heavier displacement, we need to have a bigger rig to supply power in lighter airs
  • Volume vs length? Displacement is the measure of volume. Longer length gives you more motion comfort, in general. You can have a short, heavy fat boat with the same volume as a long, narrow lighter boat and both may have similar volume, though the prices may be similar. I can assure you, though, that the longer, lighter boat will sail better and have a more comfortable motion