Charter a cruising vessel in Croatia

A cruising vessel is a traditional wooden boat, equipped with sails, though most of the time using the motor power. Our offer includes 55 different cruising vessels that range in berth number from 8 to almost 50. They are different categories, but well-maintained, with professional crew. You can charter an entire vessel, as well as one or more cabins.
Click on the category that suites your preferences and needs and check out what we have to offer.

< 20 Berths

Most of the vessels in this berth category are gulets – wooden motor sailors with fewer cabins for a more luxurious cruise, and usually equipped with sports equipment and other features for a more comfortable sail. They vary in prices from 3,600 to over 21,000 euros. It depends on vessel category (A or B class), year of production and renovation, length (up to 33 m [108 ft]), berth number (8-20), overall condition of the yacht and the time of charter. Browse through our database for more detailed info on these vessels..

20-30 Berths

These vessels range in length from 20 to 27.5 m (65-90 ft) and vary in prices from 3,600 to 12,650 euros, depending on their category, charter period and size. See our complete offer and find a vessel for you..

> 30 berths

The vessels in our offer, in this berth range, vary in length from 23 m (75 ft) to huge 44 m (144 ft). Their prices go from 4,800 to 15,400 euros, and can accommodate up to 48 people (plus the crew). Check out our database for the more specific information.

Why to charter a cruising vessel?

If you charter a cruising vessel you know you won’t have to do anything, but relax and enjoy your holiday. Regardless whether you charter a cabin or an entire vessel, a professional crew of captain, cook, sailors and waiters will take care of things aboard. They are completely in charge of managing the vessel, cleaning and cooking, food, beverage and fuel supply, dealing with paperwork (fees, licences)…

The so called island hopping is a very popular way of sailing Adriatic, due to so many islands and islets, located so closely to each other. The routs are usually set out by the captain and charter agency, but if you have some special requests and charter an entire vessel, they can sometimes be modified.

This romantic, completely carefree cruising is a great choice for groups – you and your family and friends can charter an entire vessel, or share it with others. This way you can meet new people and make friends. You can even decide to take one of these cruises on your own because you will certainly meet many people on board. It also doesn’t matter how old you are; these cruises are popular among people of any age.