About yacht crewing in Croatia

Since our guests are mostly business people whose activity is not necessarily related to navigation, we give them a possibility to enjoy being a board, providing the skippered and fully crewed service.

Besides the skipper’s regular obligation and responsibility for navigation while taking you to your chosen itinerary, he will also suggest some routes and give advice on navigation, restaurants, sightseeing, draw your attention to some curiosities. Often guests insist on hiring the same skipper as they have done before, for they usually get attached to their skipper and get used to each others habits and manners.

The crew consists of some or all of these crew members:

Captain – a person responsible and in charge of yacht navigation with more crew members
Skipper – usually the only crew member when smaller yachts involved. He will take care of navigation alone or with the help of his guests.
Sailor – helps in all the activities related to navigation, whether it is the guest or the skipper that needs help. Besides, he cleans deck and takes responsibility for the boat safety as well as for the dinghy.
Hostess – she will take care of food provisioning, cleaning, cooking, washing. You can entrust your kids to hostess as well.
Cook – takes care of cooking, cleaning the galley and washing dishes
Guard – protects your privacy

Hire a crew simply because:

– you can freely enjoy your vacation
– you leave all the duties and obligations to the professional and qualified staff
– simply because some yachts require crewed charter only

On these pages you can find more information about each crew member.

Also, check the opportunities that we offer through various job positions !