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Motor-sailer Aneta
Motor-sailer Aneta1958.32 m (105 ft)
15 Cabins32 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 8,500€/ week
Motor-sailer Madona
Motor-sailer Madona1958.23 m (75.4 ft)
14 Cabins28 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 9,660€/ week
Motor-sailer Planka
Motor-sailer Planka1957.27.3 m (89.5 ft)
11 Cabins26 BerthsMarinaRijekafrom 7,700€/ week
Motor-sailer Dalmatino
Motor-sailer Dalmatino1957.26 m (85.3 ft)
13 Cabins26 BerthsMarinaZadarfrom 7,200€/ week
Motor-sailer Dalmatinac
Motor-sailer Dalmatinac1957.23 m (75.4 ft)
11 Cabins22 Berths2 yachtsMarinaSplitfrom 10,010€/ week
Motor-sailer Toma
Motor-sailer Toma1956.28 m (91.8 ft)
16 Cabins36 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 13,650€/ week
Motor-sailer Sveti Vid
Motor-sailer Sveti Vid1955.35.5 m (116.4 ft)
16 Cabins37 BerthsMarinaRijekafrom 10,500€/ week
Custom Tuna
Custom Tuna1955.34 m (111.5 ft)
18 Cabins36 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 11,400€/ week
Motor-sailer Otac Ivan
Motor-sailer Otac Ivan1955.33 m (108.2 ft)
16 Cabins35 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 9,900€/ week
Motor-sailer Lopar
Motor-sailer Lopar1954.27.5 m (90.2 ft)
14 Cabins28 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 14,560€/ week
Motor-sailer Otac Duje
Motor-sailer Otac Duje1953.28 m (91.8 ft)
14 Cabins26 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 8,280€/ week
Motor-sailer Kalipsa
Motor-sailer Kalipsa1952.25.4 m (83.3 ft)
12 Cabins24 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 10,920€/ week
Motor-sailer Mirabela
Motor-sailer Mirabela1950.25.5 m (83.6 ft)
11 Cabins26 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 7,200€/ week
Motor-sailer Stoncica
Motor-sailer Stoncica1950.21 m (68.9 ft)
9 Cabins18 BerthsMarinaRijekafrom 5,760€/ week
Motor-sailer Viktorija
Motor-sailer Viktorija1948.24 m (78.7 ft)
16 Cabins32 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 14,560€/ week
Motor-sailer Plomin
Motor-sailer Plomin1947.27 m (88.6 ft)
17 Cabins34 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 16,380€/ week
Motor-sailer Ribic
Motor-sailer Ribic1947.24 m (78.7 ft)
10 Cabins20 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 9,100€/ week
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Motor-sailer Orao
Motor-sailer Orao1947.20 m (65.6 ft)
10 Cabins18 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 4,830€/ week
Motor-sailer Kazimir
Motor-sailer Kazimir1946.39 m (127.9 ft)
15 Cabins36 BerthsMarinaZadarfrom 9,900€/ week
Motor-sailer Marija Magdalena
Motor-sailer Marija Magdalena1946.30 m (98.4 ft)
13 Cabins33 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 12,600€/ week
Motor-sailer Ika
Motor-sailer Ika1944.22 m (72.2 ft)
12 Cabins24 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 10,920€/ week
Motor-sailer Albatros
Motor-sailer Albatros1935.29 m (95.1 ft)
10 Cabins20 BerthsMarinaRijekafrom 9,400€/ week
Motor-sailer Novi Dan
Motor-sailer Novi Dan1933.27 m (88.6 ft)
12 Cabins23 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 18,000€/ week
Motor-sailer Orkan
Motor-sailer Orkan1928.20 m (65.6 ft)
10 Cabins20 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 5,000€/ week
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Motor Sailers Croatia rent - MotorSailors Charter

Yacht Charter offer you will find a wide range of motor sailers for charter in Croatia. These ships are replicas of old wooden ships, and they are very popular for charter. You can charter an entire ship or only one cabin or berth.
On your journey, you won't have to worry about anything. The crew takes care of everything on board, the itinerary is already set, and breakfast and lunch are already included in the price. Ships are divided into two categories, A and B; A category are the ships on which every cabin has a private bathroom, and on B category ship you'll share a bathroom with other guests. Enjoy the unique sensation of Adriatic island-hopping.