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Jeanneau Motor yachts charter Croatia

Jeanneau, a brand founded in 1957 by Henri Jeanneau is a world-famous name in naval architecture and enjoyes close to five decades of success with its power boats, sailboats and fiberglass boats. They produce sailing and motor vessels from 5m to 20m in sports, sports - family and luxury versions.The company, which has participated in transatlantic races, multi-hulled races and world sailing and powerboat championships, is renowned for its high-tech construction and design, premium quality and artisan tradition.




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Jeanneau Prestige 46 Fly4 yachtsM Jeanneau Prestige 46 Fly for charter in SplitYear: 2008.Length: 14.55 m (47.7 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: Splitfrom: 6,900€SPECIAL OFFERJeanneau Merry Fisher 725M Jeanneau Merry Fisher 725 for charter in BiogradYear: 2011.Length: 7.15 m (23.5 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Biogradfrom: 1,000€Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7153 yachtsM Jeanneau Cap Camarat 715 for charter in TrogirYear: 2012.Length: 7.15 m (23.5 ft)Cabins: 0Berths: 2Marina: Trogirfrom: 1,190€Jeanneau Merry Fisher 7952 yachtsM Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 for charter in SplitYear: 2016.Length: 7.9 m (25.9 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Splitfrom: 1,400€Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.52 yachtsM Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 for charter in TrogirYear: 2016.Length: 6.95 m (22.8 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 2Marina: Trogirfrom: 1,490€Jeanneau Merry Fisher 755M Jeanneau Merry Fisher 755 for charter in Punat, KrkYear: 2015.Length: 7.4 m (24.3 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Punat, Krkfrom: 1,500€Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895M Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 for charter in ZadarYear: 2017.Length: 8.9 m (29.2 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Zadarfrom: 1,500€Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 WA2 yachtsM Jeanneau Cap Camarat 8.5 WA for charter in TrogirYear: 2016.Length: 8.5 m (27.9 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Trogirfrom: 1,990€Jeanneau Leader 82 yachtsM Jeanneau Leader 8 for charter in TrogirYear: 2015.Length: 8.95 m (29.4 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 2Marina: Trogirfrom: 2,390€Jeanneau Prestige 34 SportopM Jeanneau Prestige 34 Sportop for charter in TrogirYear: 2007.Length: 10.53 m (34.5 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Trogirfrom: 3,200€Jeanneau Prestige 366 yachtsM Jeanneau Prestige 36 for charter in SplitYear: 2007.Length: 11.13 m (36.5 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Splitfrom: 3,500€Jeanneau Leader 10M Jeanneau Leader 10 for charter in SukosanYear: 2011.Length: 10.85 m (35.6 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 4Marina: Sukosanfrom: 3,500€Jeanneau Leader 362 yachtsM Jeanneau Leader 36 for charter in SukosanYear: 2015.Length: 9.86 m (32.3 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 5Marina: Sukosanfrom: 3,800€Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5 WAM Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5 WA for charter in TrogirYear: 2017.Length: 10.57 m (34.7 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Trogirfrom: 3,850€Jeanneau Prestige 38 SportopM Jeanneau Prestige 38 Sportop for charter in SplitYear: 2008.Length: 11.92 m (39.1 ft)Cabins: 2Berths: 6Marina: Splitfrom: 3,999€Jeanneau Runaboat 755M Jeanneau Runaboat 755 for charter in DubrovnikYear: 2008.Length: 7.97 m (26.1 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 2Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 4,588€Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755 WAM Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755 WA for charter in DubrovnikYear: 2007.Length: 7.52 m (24.7 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 2Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 4,715€Jeanneau Prestige 440M Jeanneau Prestige 440 for charter in SplitYear: 2011.Length: 13.36 m (43.8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: Splitfrom: 5,480€Jeanneau Leader 805M Jeanneau Leader 805 for charter in DubrovnikYear: 2008.Length: 8.3 m (27.2 ft)Cabins: 1Berths: 4Marina: Dubrovnikfrom: 5,500€Jeanneau Prestige 42 Fly3 yachtsM Jeanneau Prestige 42 Fly for charter in SukosanYear: 2009.Length: 13.36 m (43.8 ft)Cabins: 3Berths: 8Marina: Sukosanfrom: 5,600€

Motor Yachts Croatia - Charter offer

We have a wide range of motor boats for charter in Croatia, ranging from 6 to 25 m. They are available for both skippered and bareboat charter, depending on the yacht size and your preferences. The yachts are arranged in categories according to length
From our offer we would like to point out our brands for rent like Jeanneau, Prestige yachts, Beneteau antares, Monte Carlo, Princess, Sunseeker Manhattan, Maiora, Benetti, Ferretti, Elegance, Azimut, Fairline Targa, Fairline Squadron, Fairline Phantom, Searay, Pershing, Sealine, BMB, Gobbi, Bayliner, Maxum, Sessa, Adria and other models

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