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The boats are listed according to charter periods and are subject to availability. To check availability, please contact our booking department.

Your selection is: Motor sailers

Motor-sailer Otac DujeMotor-sailer Otac DujeYear: 1953.Length: 28 m (91,8 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 26from: 10.500€SPECIAL OFFERMotor-sailer BarbaraMotor-sailer BarbaraYear: 2006.Length: 41 m (134,5 ft)Cabins: 16Berths: 34from: 27.000€SPECIAL OFFERMotor-sailer CasablancaMotor-sailer CasablancaYear: 2016.Length: 51,07 m (167,5 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38from: 34.000€SPECIAL OFFERMotor-sailer IstokMotor-sailer IstokYear: 1998.Length: 16 m (52,5 ft)Cabins: 8Berths: 17from: 6.320€Motor-sailer MihovilMotor-sailer MihovilYear: 1980.Length: 20 m (65,6 ft)Cabins: 11Berths: 22from: 7.590€Motor-sailer SeniaMotor-sailer SeniaYear: 1988.Length: 0 m (0 ft)Cabins: 11Berths: 22from: 7.900€Motor-sailer Mila MajkaMotor-sailer Mila MajkaYear: 1988.Length: 20 m (65,6 ft)Cabins: 10Berths: 20from: 7.900€Motor-sailer StoncicaMotor-sailer StoncicaYear: 1965.Length: 21 m (68,9 ft)Cabins: 9Berths: 18from: 8.190€Motor-sailer LastavicaMotor-sailer LastavicaYear: 2008.Length: 32,9 m (107,9 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 28from: 8.524€Motor-sailer MajaMotor-sailer MajaYear: 1987.Length: 17,5 m (57,4 ft)Cabins: 11Berths: 22from: 8.690€Motor-sailer RibicMotor-sailer RibicYear: 1947.Length: 24 m (78,7 ft)Cabins: 10Berths: 20from: 9.100€Motor-sailer DalmatinkaMotor-sailer DalmatinkaYear: 1968.Length: 23 m (75,4 ft)Cabins: 10Berths: 20from: 9.100€Motor-sailer CiceroMotor-sailer CiceroYear: 1989.Length: 32 m (105 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 40from: 9.625€Motor-sailer MadonaMotor-sailer MadonaYear: 1958.Length: 23 m (75,4 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 28from: 9.660€Motor-sailer DalmatinacMotor-sailer DalmatinacYear: 1957.Length: 23 m (75,4 ft)Cabins: 11Berths: 22from: 10.010€Motor-sailer IkaMotor-sailer IkaYear: 1944.Length: 22 m (72,2 ft)Cabins: 12Berths: 24from: 10.920€Motor-sailer KalipsaMotor-sailer KalipsaYear: 1952.Length: 25,4 m (83,3 ft)Cabins: 12Berths: 24from: 10.920€Motor-sailer Moja MajaMotor-sailer Moja MajaYear: 2001.Length: 24 m (78,7 ft)Cabins: 12Berths: 24from: 10.920€Motor-sailer DelijaMotor-sailer DelijaYear: 1988.Length: 25 m (82 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 28from: 11.060€Motor-sailer ProvidnostMotor-sailer ProvidnostYear: 1960.Length: 23 m (75,4 ft)Cabins: 15Berths: 30from: 11.850€Motor-sailer PetrinaMotor-sailer PetrinaYear: 1987.Length: 31 m (101,7 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 28from: 12.740€Motor-sailer TomaMotor-sailer TomaYear: 1956.Length: 28 m (91,8 ft)Cabins: 16Berths: 36from: 13.650€Motor-sailer ViktorijaMotor-sailer ViktorijaYear: 1948.Length: 24 m (78,7 ft)Cabins: 16Berths: 32from: 14.560€Motor-sailer LoparMotor-sailer LoparYear: 1954.Length: 27,5 m (90,2 ft)Cabins: 14Berths: 28from: 14.560€Motor-sailer LabradorMotor-sailer LabradorYear: 1967.Length: 30 m (98,4 ft)Cabins: 18Berths: 36from: 16.380€Motor-sailer PlominMotor-sailer PlominYear: 1947.Length: 27 m (88,6 ft)Cabins: 17Berths: 34from: 16.380€Motor-sailer RomancaMotor-sailer RomancaYear: 1998.Length: 35 m (114,8 ft)Cabins: 9Berths: 18from: 17.500€Motor-sailer Adriatic QueenMotor-sailer Adriatic QueenYear: 2014.Length: 40 m (131,2 ft)Cabins: 15Berths: 30from: 21.450€Motor-sailer Pape PrviMotor-sailer Pape PrviYear: 2008.Length: 29 m (95,1 ft)Cabins: 15Berths: 34from: 21.450€Motor-sailer SeagullMotor-sailer SeagullYear: 1985.Length: 36 m (118,1 ft)Cabins: 16Berths: 32from: 22.880€Motor-sailer MorenaMotor-sailer MorenaYear: 2008.Length: 29 m (95,1 ft)Cabins: 16Berths: 32from: 22.880€Motor-sailer VaporMotor-sailer VaporYear: 2005.Length: 33 m (108,2 ft)Cabins: 18Berths: 36from: 25.740€Motor-sailer AntonelaMotor-sailer AntonelaYear: 2007.Length: 33 m (108,2 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 34from: 26.455€Motor-sailer MeridijanMotor-sailer MeridijanYear: 2006.Length: 32,5 m (106,6 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38from: 27.170€Motor-sailer DalmatiaMotor-sailer DalmatiaYear: 2011.Length: 37 m (121,4 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38from: 27.170€Motor-sailer DionisMotor-sailer DionisYear: 2009.Length: 33 m (108,2 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38from: 27.170€Motor-sailer New Kapetan Bota 2015Motor-sailer New Kapetan Bota 2015Year: 2015.Length: 41 m (134,5 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38from: 27.170€Motor-sailer MajesticMotor-sailer MajesticYear: 2015.Length: 37 m (121,4 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 38from: 27.170€Motor-sailer CesaricaMotor-sailer CesaricaYear: 2013.Length: 41 m (134,5 ft)Cabins: 11Berths: 22from: 28.500€Motor-sailer AzimutMotor-sailer AzimutYear: 2003.Length: 32 m (105 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 40from: 28.600€Motor-sailer AmorenaMotor-sailer AmorenaYear: 2011.Length: 44 m (144,3 ft)Cabins: 19Berths: 40from: 30.000€Motor-sailer EosMotor-sailer EosYear: 2008.Length: 39 m (127,9 ft)Cabins: 21Berths: 42from: 30.030€

Motor sailers for charter in Croatia

Croatia Yacht Charter offers you will find a wide range of motor sailers for charter in Croatia. These ships are replicas of old wooden ships, and they are very popular for charter. You can charter an entire ship or only cabin.
On your journey you won't have to worry about anything. The crew takes care of everything on board, the itinerary is already set and breakfast and lunch are already included in price. Ships are divided into 2 categories, A and B; A category are the ships on which every cabin has a private bathroom, and on B category ship you'll share a bathroom with other guests. Enjoy the unique sensation of Adriatic island-hopping.

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